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CWAPH EXEC MEETING Minutes 13.03.2019, by Ms Breakwell


"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more,

-you are a leader”.
John Quincy Adams

I have the privilege to work for, and on behalf of, a wide range of people working in and around our schools and academies.    Our Headteacher Association has a membership that comprises 124 schools and academies in Cheshire West and Chester.  As Chair, it is a joy to support truly talented exceptional people.

As leaders, we are innovators, mediators, negotiators, pathfinders, trainers, coaches, mentors, encouragers, challengers and champions of others. I am so impressed with the range of skills and the quality of leadership that I encounter and the determination and resilience that Headteachers. Senior Leaders, our colleagues in schools and in Cheshire West and Chester Council demonstrate.

I am certain that this comes from our common core values and of a desire to achieve the best experience for our children and their families.

This common spirit is an inspiration in 'getting it right' for our children.

Hilary Berry



We Aspire...

  • To give our children the best start in life, to enable them to achieve, to be happy and successful and meet their potential.
  • To have a positive impact on outcomes for all children and close the gap for our vulnerable children.
  • To support our headteachers' well-being and continual professional development.
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